Clients rely on Titus Alliance as a trusted partner for world-class M&A advisory, valuation, and business analytics. A trusted expert and thought leader, Justin Boyd now serves as a leader of Titus Alliance.

Titus Alliance is a people-centric M&A advisory and consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC that serves as trusted, financial advisor and valuation expert to companies for mergers & acquisitions, management buyouts, business appraisals, and financial reporting requirements. Titus has a proven track record of delivering holistic solutions that empower clients to make smart, strategic, and meaningful decisions about their businesses. For more information, please visit www.titusalliance.com.

The business was built personally by Boyd; more so though, it is just a way of being for Boyd that honors his personal and professional journey as well as provides him the space to lead with what’s important to him. His story and his values provide him new and unique ways to connect to and support clients.

His personal story starts in Seoul, South Korea. As a young child, he was adopted by an American couple living in Upstate New York. As his adoptive parents searched for an infant, further research showed that the youngest child shared multiple older siblings who were all living in Korean foster care – and who needed a home. Over 36 months, eight children (all under the age of six) were adopted from three separate families in Korea. According to newspaper articles at the time, the Boyd family would go on to be the largest single family naturalization in United States history. Several years later, Boyd’s adopted mother passed away; Boyd’s adopted father was now a single parent to eight adopted children.

The experience forever changed the way Boyd would choose to contribute, work, and make an impact professionally. He started working at a young age; he pursued unique educational opportunities; he achieved unprecedented professional success early in his career; and he is now a rising leader in global M&A. The work has been important to Boyd; but the core values that anchor the work mean more. They became clear quickly, and they continue to lead him today.

Justin A. Boyd, CFA, ASA
Justin A. Boyd, CFA, ASA
Justin leads Titus Alliance with almost two decades of experience in the corporate transaction arena. He has broad experience helping clients across diverse industries by bringing them sound and strategic advice that supports them in complex situations.

Justin is a Member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). He was named “40 Under Forty” by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

Core Values

“You make the valuation process seamless so I can focus on running the business.”

– Dave Morris, CFO Cormetech