Delivering Holistic Solutions

We deliver holistic solutions that empower clients to make smart, strategic, and meaningful decisions about their business that help them achieve their goals.

We do this by providing:
M&A Advisory
  • Buy-side M&A Advisory
  • Sell-side M&A Advisory
  • Business and Deal Development
  • Revenue Growth Leadership
  • M&A hourly advisory (no success fee)
Financial Reporting & Valuation
  • Acquisition Accounting (ASC 805 and IFRS)
  • Asset Impairment Testing (ASC 350 and IFRS)
  • Stock-Based Compensation (ASC 718 and IFRS)
  • Contingent Consideration and Earn-outs
  • Derivatives and Complex Financial Instruments
Specialized Projects & Analytics
  • Venture Capital or Pre-revenue Start-up Advisory and Valuations
  • Valuation of patents, trademarks, trade names, and intellectual property
  • IRS Qualified Appraisals (IRS Form 8283 & 83b)
  • Complex Capital Structures (IRC Section 409A)
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Deferred Compensation and Transfers of Ownership
  • Historical Analytics and Predictive Modeling


The Best of the Best

In today’s dynamic business environment, we constantly hear from management teams and business owners about their need for smart, trustworthy and competent advisors. Thus, the Titus network was formed. This team of professionals of diverse disciplines and experience help clients make smart, strategic and meaningful decisions about their business.

Our network experts are recognized for their long-standing track record and professional reputation for their respective disciplines in the marketplace. We know them personally and professionally, we appreciate how they think and we respect their vision, expert counsel, and perspective.  Combined, they deliver the full package – holistic expertise that our clients want.

Disciplines include:
  • Legal Counsel
  • Accountants
  • Interim CFO’s
  • Staffing/Recruiting
  • Data Scientists
  • Software Developers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Business Developers

“You make the valuation process seamless so I can focus on running the business.” Dave Morris, CFO Cormetech