Dmitriy graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a B.A Mathematics, B.S.  Economics, and B.S. Biology.  While attending university, Dmitriy conducted both independent research in equity valuation and professor-led research in Monte Carlo Simulation derivatives pricing and silica nanoparticle construction. Dmitriy joins Titus Alliance as a quantitative financial analyst for business, equity, derivatives, and other complex financial valuations.

Prior to working at Titus Alliance, Dmitriy worked as an analyst at Bank of America and Accenture.  He performed financial analytics and ratio analyses on credit facilities for investment or securitization.

Passion: Piano – Dmitriy has played choral piano for several years and enjoys learning new piano scores.

Work-life balance: reading, spending time with loved ones, piano, chess.

Dmitriy Yermakovich