The experience of our team members includes:

Clarity and Confidence

Assisted many clients of major accounting firms with numerous acquisitions, providing clarity and confidence by working closely with these clients to explain how the valuation process works in conjunction with the regulatory guidance and presenting options and ramifications of each.

Reliability and Timeliness

Completed a full purchase price allocation for a public manufacturing company with a looming deadline within a week, a process that typically takes weeks or months to perform and complete.

Proactive Analysis and Insight

Advised a private manufacturing and distribution company in the sale of their business to a public company at a favorable purchase price by delivering a valuation, performing detailed financial analysis and market research, and went further by identifying the potential buyer’s target financial metrics and implied deal terms.

Strategic Approach

Took a strategic approach to help a client maximize the purchase price in the sale of his consumer services company by using industry-leading financial analysis to drive the valuation, advising the client on the spectrum of different buyer-types and how each typically view and value companies, and providing the client a high and low valuation range with insight on buyer profiles across that spectrum.

Transparency and Longevity

Advised all stakeholders of a family-owned entertainment equipment company in the sale of the business from one generation to the next by delivering a fair and appropriate valuation as well as a cash flow analysis that would support the son’s understanding of what would be possible for the business moving forward and inherent risks involved with leverage. This provided transparency to the buyer in the post-transaction stage and set him up for success in the long-term.


“I’ve worked with many other advisors and you are a breath of fresh air.”   ~Dr. Veronica Landers, Oasis Dentistry – Strategic Business Advisement